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Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz Lyrics Nothins Free

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Nothins Free

by Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz. Buy album CD: Kings of Crunk

There's something, that I want to tell ya' 'cause i know,that a brother got needs tonight i ain't trippin on ya' pinpin 'cause that shit's tight but ya' gotta pay tonight tonight tonight


i knoe you wanna get laid tonight but i'm truna get paid tonight we ain't even gotta fuss and fight just hit me right,it's on all night i know you wanna get in bed wit' me but you gatta come correctly nothn'in life is free especially not me

i hope you can feel me when i say pay before you play wit me wanna tast this but it's priceless it might be somethin' you aint never done before,but i'm not your ordinary ho


(lil' jon)

i fell off in the club (shawty)
not lookin' for love (shawty)
but i'm lookin' for a gul (shawty)
onw i could cut (shawty)
like lil mama in the blue(shawty)
she so got damn cute (shawty)
but she said she need cheese(shawty)
before she get wit me (shawty)
well let ne see(shawty)
what it might be (shawty)
and what's ya' fee (shawty)
for my fantasy (shawty)
noe i aint' rich (shawty)
but i'll spend a lil bit (shawty)
so who you wit (shawty)
let's do this shit
ther's sonething, that i want to tell you 'cause i know that a brother got needs tonight i aint'got no problems wit' fly by nights but you gotta pay tonight tonight tonight

[lil jon]
what you talking bout (shawty)
that didn't come out ya mouth(shawty)
say you want some cash (shawty)
before i hit that ass (shawty)
but not yo boy (shawty)
i aint no toy (shawty)
don't play no games(shawty)
'cause i ain't lame (shawty)
but foe'my gurl(shawty)
i'll give her the world(shawty)
ain't no thang (shawty)
to give up that change (shawty)
i ain't rich (shawty)
but i'll spend a lil bit (shawty)
so who you wit (shawty)
let's do this shit (shawty)


now i'll be there for you if you want me to and i'll be by your side if the price is right take care of me and i'll take care of you nothin in life is free yeahh

i gotta get paid ,woo
cause if you want me come correctly might be donething you aint never done before i'm not your ordinary hoe

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