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Right Thurr Lyrics

Right Thurr by Lil Jon And The Eastside Boys  

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Right Thurr "Right Thurr"

uh ey dirty (what)
look at that girl right there (aw)
she make me faint (ohh)
ohhh oh oh
do whatcha do

i like the way you do that right thurr (right thurr)
swish you hips when you walk, let down your hair (down your hurr)
i likie the way you do that right thurr (right thurr)
wet your lip when you talk,that make me slurr (make me slurr)

i like the way you look in them pants,say you fine (fine)
your mama aquarter peice,she far from a dime (dime)
the type of girl that will getcha up and go make you grind (grind)
i'm thinkin bout snatchn' her up
dirty,making her mine
look at her hips, look at her legs ,ain't she stacked (stacked)
i sure wouldn't mind huittin' that from the back (back)
i like it when i touch it,cuz she moan it bit
jeans saggin', so i can see her thong lil bit
i know she grown lil bit,20 years old, you legal
don't trip off my people,just hop in the regal
i swoop on her like an eagle,swoop down and rate
i know your popular,but you gon be famous today


she be stoppin at front nack,just look at her front back
man she's soo stacked,does she know that i want that
he make he's soo whack,girl can i taste your cat
gave her 300$ to spend,like buying a throw-back
she stay in the club,like they be saying she got it
in real life,girl remind me of pochantas
she be at events,like the best whrn she past
all the high rollin' cats,wana pay for that ssss
niggas half steppin',strapped with a nice weapon
it's against the law for her to mve them hips
if you ever seen it dirty,your mouth gone drop
world wide,fools volenteer tell you its off top


i like it when she's doing that (come on)
cuz i like it when -she bring it back
ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh do what you do
i like it when she's doing that (uhhh)
cuz i like it when she bring it back
ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh do what you do

gimmie what you got for a pork chop (uh)
she threw it at me like i was a show stop (uh)
twerkin in a phatty girl halter top
then she backed it up on me,and let it drop (drop)
make it hop(boing),like a bunny (bunny)
can i touch you where it's sunny
or embarrass,and make you give us some money
she should pose for sport illustriated
it's like a picture perfect site
when she passed all the other girls hated

i like that
i like that
i like that
i like that oh oh oh

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