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Lil Jon Lyrics

Lil Jon List of Lyrics

Album: New Songs Lyrics
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Album: Crunk Rock (2010) Lyrics
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  1. Snap Yo Fingers
  2. Crunk Rock
  3. Act A Fool
  4. Throw It Up Part 2 (remix)
  5. Lucky Me
  6. G Walk
  7. Goin' Down South
  8. On De Grind
  9. I'm A J
  10. What Is Crunk Rock?
  11. Killas
  12. Get In Get Out
  13. Outta Your Mind
  14. Ride Da D
  15. Ms. Chocolate
  16. Like A Stripper
  17. Shots
  18. Work It Out
  19. Hey
Album: Crunk Juice (2004) Lyrics
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Album: Kings Of Crunk (2004) Lyrics
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Album: Lil Jon (2003) Lyrics
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Album: Arsenal Beta II Lyrics
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Album: Custom Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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  1. Bia' bia' feat big kap, chyna whyte, ludacris,too
  2. Bia'a bia' 2 feat too $hort, chyna whyte
  3. Bounce dat ass feat chyna whyte , hook
  4. Can't stop pimpin feat eightball & mjg, oobie
  5. Chynalude outro feat chyna whyte
  6. Diamonds feat mjg, bun b. , big sam
  7. Get low (remix)feat busta rhymes, elephant man, yi
  8. Get low feat esb
  9. Get on the dance floor~feat ciara
  10. Heads off (my niggas) feat m.o.p
  11. I like dem girlz
  12. I like dem girlz (remix)feat chyna whyte, jazzy ph
  13. Keep yo chillen out the street feat big gipp
  14. Knockin' heads off feat jakdakiss!
  15. Let my nuts go feat nation riders, quint black, to
  16. Nothin on feat bo hagon, chyna white, oobie
  17. Nothins free feat oobie
  18. Oh na na naa naa feat devin the dude, oobie
  19. Pitbulls cuban rideout feat pitbull
  20. Play no games feat fat joe, trick daddy
  21. Put yo hood up (remix)feat jadakiss, petey pablo,
  22. Rep yo city feat petey pablo
  23. Role call feat ice cube
  24. The weedman esb big sam lil bo man
  25. Throw it up feat pastor troy
  26. What u gon do (latino remix)~feat pitbull & yankee
  27. What you gon' do feat lil scrappy
  28. You know
  29. I Need Luv
  30. I Got You
  31. It's Weekend
  32. Wheel Of Fortune
  33. Drink
  34. Lovers & Friends (Remix)
  35. Machuka
  36. Bitch
  37. Bounce Dat Ass
  38. Snap Yo' Fingers (Lil' Matt Remix) (long Ver.)
  39. Chris Rock In The Club
  40. Get Low[remix]
  41. Get Outta Your Mind
  42. Heads Off (My Niggas)
  43. Keep Yo Chillin Out The Street
  44. Knockin' Heads
  45. Let My Nuts Go
  46. Nothin On
  47. Oh What A Night
  48. Pop Dat Pussy
  49. Push That Nigga, Push That Hoe
  50. Put Yo Hood Up
  51. Real Nigga Role Call
  52. Real Nigga Roll Call
  53. The Weedman
  54. What A Night
  55. What You Gon Do[Jamaican Remix]
  56. What You Gon' Do
Album: Part II Lyrics
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Album: Put Ya Hood Up Lyrics
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Album: Put Yo Hood Up Lyrics
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Album: We Still Crunk! (Parental Advisory) Lyrics
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  1. Put Yo Hood Up (Remix)
  2. Bia Bia (remix)
  3. Chynalude (Outro)
  4. Get Crunk
  5. I Like Dem Girlz (remix)
  6. Lovers And Friends
  7. Ooh Na Na Naa Naa
  8. Rep Yo City
  9. Snap Ya Fingers
  10. Who U Wit
  11. Stick That Thang Out (Skeezer)
  12. Pimpin Ken Speaks
  13. Kings Of Crunk (Intro)
  14. Let My Nutz Go
  15. White Meat
  16. A Lil Low Now
  17. Aww Skeet Skeet
  18. Aww Skeet Skeet Feat DJ Flexx
  19. B***h
  20. Bia Bia - Big Kap
  21. Bia Bia 2 - Lil Jon
  22. Bia' Bia' 2
  23. Bia' Bia' Check In
  24. Bia' Bia' Check In - Lil Jon
  25. Bme Click
  26. Bo Hagon's Phone Call
  27. Bounce Dat Azz
  28. Can't Stop Pimpin - Eight Ball
  29. Can't Stop Pimpin'
  30. Chris Rock Get Lower
  31. Chris Rock In Da Club
  32. Chris Rock Let's Be Friends
  33. Contract Feat Trillville, Jazze Pha & Pimpin Ken
  34. Da Blow Feat Gangsta Boo
  35. Diamonds - Bun B
  36. Drop Dem' Boes
  37. Du Maurier
  38. E40 Choppin
  39. Get Crunk (Gcwuwda Version)
  40. Get Crunk (Intro)
  41. Get Crunk Feat. Bo Hagon
  42. Get Low (Clean Version)
  43. Get Low (Remix)
  44. Get Low (Remix) (Clean Version) (Feat. Elephant Man, Busta Rhymes & Ying Yang Twins)
  45. Gotta Get Paid
  46. Grand Finale Feat Nas, T.I., Bun B, Ice Cube
  47. Heads Off
  48. Heads Off (My Ni**as)
  49. I Don't Give A..- Krayzie Bone
  50. I Like Dem Girlz - Jazzy Pha
  51. I Like Them Guls
  52. In The Club
  53. In The Club Feat R. Kelly & Ludacris
  54. Intro (In Album Put Yo Hood Up)
  55. It Ain't Over
  56. Keep You Chullin Out The Street - Big Gipp
  57. Knockin Heads Off - Jadakiss
  58. Let My N**s Go - Quint Black
  59. Lovers & Friends Feat Usher & Ludacris
  60. My Nigga
  61. Nasty Girl
  62. Oh Nana Nana
  63. One Night Stand Feat. Oobie
  64. Ooh Big Momma
  65. Outro Chynalude
  66. Push That N****, Push That H**
  67. Pussy Nigga
  68. Put Yo Hood Up - Lil Jon
  69. Real Nigga Roll Call Feat Ice Cube
  70. Rep Your City - Bun B
  71. Role Call
  72. Roll Call (Clean Version) (Featuring Ice Cube)
  73. Shut Down
  74. Snap Ya Fingers Feat E 40 & Sean Paul (dirty)
  75. Stick That Thang Out
  76. Stick That Thang Out (Skeezer) Feat Pharrell Williams & Ying Yang Twins Produced By The Neptunes
  77. Stop Trippin'
  78. Supakrunk
  79. T.I.P.
  80. Take 'em Out
  81. Throw It Up (Remix)
  82. Uhh Ohh
  83. We Don't Need That
  84. We Still Crunk
  85. Weedman Skit
  86. What U Goin Do (Clean Version)
  87. What U Gon' Do
  88. What U Gon' Do (Remix)
  89. What U Gon' Do Feat Lil Scrappy
  90. What You Gon' Do (Latino Remix) Ft. Pitbull And Daddy Yankee
  91. Where Dem Girlz At
  92. White Meat Feat. 8Ball & Mjg