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I Quit Lyrics

I Quit by Lil Boosie  

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I Quit Now ain't dat money a muthaf**ker
It'll have you trapped
So strong dat it'll make da strongest nigga relapse
On dat he don't need to have
Like codiene
Yeah it taste so good
But it f**ked up my kidneys
Shortin up my livin
Now I'm back in dis position
Hospital bed
Icu with da livin dead
Thinner than a piece of thread
Hoes peekin dey head in
On da phone wit dey bestfriend like
I went 2 thinkin bout daddy nem
My nigga hye
Pains in my iv
Hollin god why me
Said a prayer 2 myself
Looked up saw tootie n tyni right dere
I'm like aahh
Tired of dis hello
Tired of dis jello
Shoulda said no
Hard headed tho
I felt untouchable da money kept pourin in
One sip led da tears
I'm on dat drank again

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