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Receive The World - Leviathan


Receive The World by Leviathan

Talons clutch high cheekbones
Phallus invades now swollen throat
A thorn reaches to fertilize the withered egg
Peril barbed and resistant
Emerging from tremendous heat
Primeval atom born of great fulmination
Gravitationally attracted to the forming matter
The inflation of the cosmos
Receive the world
Larva formed in glorious negativity
Another form readying the destroyer
The hideous is finally set forth
Face upturned towards the pillar that suspends Him
The brood of invisible ones shall never be named
Form without limbs readying the time end
The becoming of awe
Away from human frame
Form without limbs
Mouth beckoning the end of man
The unspeakable instrument will move through them
Reach within to see this free
And set fire onto me
And then the division
Division of most grotesque cells