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Bad Idea

by Lemon Demon. Buy album CD: Other Songs A - Y

Every once in a while there is a shooting star
People say they're good luck, but even if they are
There's not a star in motion that could help me now
I'm in serious trouble, and I don't know how
A pack of deadly creatures followed me back here
I am desperately hiding as they're drawing near
I wish I knew what to do or where I lost my way
So I'm carefully thinking back to yesterday

I was just a normal chap
But I shoulda brought a map
I shoulda (background) brought a map
Shoulda woulda coulda woulda
Shoulda woulda coulda woulda

I got lost and I wound up on a dirt road
I saw signs, and in retrospect they did bode
Bad things, but I shrugged and I still drove
Through to a town where my bad luck overflowed

Everybody in town was nowhere to be seen
So I parked near a house that was marked thirteen
I went up to the door, but there was no one there
And when I turned around, my car was gone, I swear
So I ran to a pay phone but there was no tone
I had an eerie feeling in my very bones
And soon it started to rain, and there was no way out
I couldn't hold my frustration, and began to shout

Maybe this was a bad idea
Oh no
Maybe this was a bad idea
Oh no
I was stuck in the rain and I was mad as hell
So I began to run, but then I slipped and fell
I tumbled down a hill into a cemetery
I shouldn't have to tell you it was fricking scary
I tried to stand back up, but something held me down
A dead, rotting arm was reaching from the ground
I was utterly helpless till I saw the Sword
I quickly sliced my captor yelling "PRAISE THE LORD!!"

Then I saw the living dead
It was then I shoulda fled
I shoulda(background)fled
Shoulda woulda coulda woulda
Shoulda woulda coulda woulda

But I stood like a pillar in a hallway
I knew I'd be slaying demons that day
I stared at the rotting heaps of pure decay
And I charged with the force of a gamma ray

It happened in slow motion, I began the fight
Some sort of power kept me going through the night
With that mysterious Sword beheading beasts and ghouls
Just me versus them, without any rules
But many more kept rising up from shallow graves
I did my best to fight them, but they came in waves
And soon it was too much, just demon after demon
So I ran as quickly as I could, screamin'

Maybe this was a bad idea
Oh no
Maybe this was a bad idea
Oh no
This was a bad idea

So here I am, hiding from Fate
I can't win, it's just too late
But something must be done
Yes sirree, this war must be won
I know this, I won't die hiding
I know this, I must keep fighting
I don't know who the winner's gonna be
But there's just one way to see

It's time to kick some zombie ass, lah lah lah lah lah lah
It's time to kick some zombie ass, lah lah lah lah lah lah

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