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Boys From The Bush Lyrics

Boys From The Bush by Lee Kernaghan  

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Boys From The Bush Boys from the bush

Been shearing sheep, we been mustering stock
We been culling out roos, we been spraying the crops
We’ve been droving cattle up an old stock route
Now its Saturday night, we pile in the ute

We’re the boys from the bush and we’re back in town
Well the dogs in the back and the foot goes down
We’re life members of the outback club
We’re the boys from the bush come in from the scrub

Been out in the heat, we been loading the trucks
Been fixing fences, we been choking on dust
We curse the raaaaaaain we curse the drought
Now its Saturday night and we’re all in the shout

2nd line : We get high when the sun goes down


We work the laaaaannnd through fire and flood
Its in our hearts, it runs in the blood


2nd line : well we raise hell when the sun goes down

2nd line : we get high when the sun goes down

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music