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Mother Evolution Lyrics

Mother Evolution by Laudamus  

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Mother Evolution Theory whispers in my ear, I came with a great big bang
Just a cell, no lungs or brain, a little floating thing
I got better later on with limbs and hair to comb
I had a lot of trees to climb, whith new limbs I began to roam

Can you see that they are making a
Monkey out of you and me?
Mother evolution
It's the only way to explain their confusion
Mother evolution
Guessing their way into this delusion
Mother evolution
Making claims without resolution
Mother evolution
The greatest minds with no solution

In the sky I'll learn to fly, then cuise beneath the waves
I'll build a house right on the moon, I no longer need to breathe
As time grows I'll get more legs and exchange my nose for a trunk
I'm getting faster day by day, someday I'll be the perfect hunk

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