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An Open Letter Lyrics

An Open Letter by Last Martyrs Of A Lost Cause  

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An Open Letter You say that I don't know anything
But what is it exactly that you know?
You wanna divide a genre that stands alone.

I'd like to write an open letter to your open mind
(A little insight couldn't hurt)

It goes like...
I do this 'cause it's all I fucking know,
So please excuse me if it doesn't sound like everything from 45 years ago.
I don't know anything.
I haven't been listening to all the right shit.
Save the intervention, it's too late to quit.

It goes like...
I do this cause it's all I fucking want to do
(And if you don't get it, no one ever said you had to)
I'm doing what I love and I'm doing it because
(I'm doing it for me, I'm not doing it for you)

You always got something to say
You better shut your mouth
I got a funny feeling that you're running out
Of good excuses to be so exclusive
(You better shut your mouth)

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