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Second Winter Lyrics

Second Winter by Laakso  

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Second Winter Don't think too much
Don't act too strange,
Try to behave
Come on
But I'm a little tensed when I'm in love.

What are you afraid of
Is it her,
She's not half as big as you,
What could she do
She couldn't harm you even if she tried.

Knocking on an unlocked wooden door
That I used to live behind before
Now you tell me time and time and time again
That things are different.

I promise
If I'll leave you'll fall in love.
My dear english christian friend said "hey friend
You know she loves you when she turns around
To see you again when you've just said goodbye".
I hear what you say
But you get married to get laid,
We're not the same but thanks anyway for being kind.

Standing with my pants down on a square
Everybody else but you would stare.
What on earth am I supposed to do
To get through to you.

I promise
If I'll leave you'll fall in love.

(The second winter without you
The second spring is coming soon
I melt away with the last snow
Wondering why I had to let go)

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