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Order Of The D.N.A Lyrics

Order Of The D.N.A by Kryptos  

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Order Of The D.N.A Crush your ideals, the gift of second sight
Religion or science, it's all just a game
Are we alone or are we alive?
Why even bother? it's all just a game.
Barter your souls my precious ones
And find your peace in pointless wars
Battle won but all is lost
We are just pawn without a face.

Come! re-program your minds
Come! re-program your thoughts
Come! re-program your minds
Conform or stand in line

After all is said and done
We are just slaves to ruthless minds
Armageddon spread your wings
And lead us now, into the light.

Order of the d.n.a

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music