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Krayzie Bone Lyrics I Don't Know What

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I Don't Know What

by Krayzie Bone. Buy album CD: Thug On Da Line

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[Krayzie: repeat 4x]
This is how we do it, when we do it...

Doesn't it feel good to see us makin money?
Feel good like everyday's sunny
Feel good see us takin off?
Doesn't it feel good to see us ball?
And they can't take it from us at all
And if you agree that we don't fall sing "la da di da da di da di da di da"

[Verse 1: Krayzie]
Back at'cha, it's the thug with the most droppin more Thuggish Ruggish on ya
Krayzie keepin it flaming, so indeed it's fire for ya
Water, don't need none let it burn
Let it be known that it's my turn, let 'em turn
Be concerned with these words I got
Whatever they sayin about the Line, we better kill 'em
'Cause I got up and I got mine don't mean I'm trippin
Really left niggaz behind to handle business
They don't understand I'm in it to win it
Thug out with a crowd full of criminals and killers
So pump your fists if ya feel it, hear me
We in it to keep it the realest
With my remige, Thugline team, coming to kill something
Close to 30 million sold and still thuggin, still strugglin
Wassup with Bone? Gotta keep it real, so I tell them I don't know
Can't think no more excuses when niggaz don't show
We came up from poor, and I'm not going back to poor, no!


[Verse 2: Krayzie]
For The Love Of $, I keep it funky
Just thuggin back down in the ghetto
Sleep in the PJ's they let me so I love 'em back
By keepin it real, givin 'em shit that they can feel, like hustlin need more than a mil
Like how to make it on these streets and not be killed ‘fore you get grown
Let a nigga go on cuz he chose to live his life wrong
All I know is life is already short
And you can bring your non-exsistance closer if you want
Trust me, you don't nigga, live on, get'cha thug on (thug on)
Make you some cheese, get some weed and go get your buzz on
But must of all you gotta stay sucka-free, them bustas out ya mix
That go for anything you do and they go all to jail, I don't trip
I share a hater to the side, devil ass nigga
Always fuckin up my vibe, that's right now, nigga
You done meet Krayzie Bone, you ain't meet Leatherface
And I don't think you wanna though, no!


[Verse 3: Krayzie]
My nigga, cover your ears and fuck what you heard (heard)
'Cause it's about they bullshit they be talkin, why?
Niggaz in my business like they my bitches, got me hot (so hot, hot, hot, hot)
Run up, touch me, get burned, nigga
Said they saw me at the Source out on the floor, dropped (what?)
Chickenhead bitch from Miami said we was runnin when the war popped
Hoe stop, you don't know none nigga rollin with me
What shut you puff? My niggaz hold on the B
For most of them niggaz they want peace when we meet
Like we ain't be hearin what they be saying on the streets
So we gotta bring the heat
Speak if you want, but keep it to a mumble
Speak louder than a whisper, oh and we gonna get'cha
Y'all Don't Know Me, ain't that what I told 'em?
Hope they knowin these pistols real's that we toat, jokin
Naw nigga, we for real in the field
Believe what you want, but you suckas know the deal


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