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Heated heavy Lyrics

Heated heavy by Krayzie Bone  

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Heated heavy
Leatherface, Let 'em die...Shoot 'em...
Shoot 'em if they...shoot 'em if they...shoot 'em if they...shoot 'em if they
move (move, move)
Runnin' with the AK-47, watch 'em all fall dwn, down (1, 2, 3, 4; Dead)
Runnin' with the AK-47, come on what's up with y'all now (What's up with y'all
Runnin' with the AK-47 buckin', heated heavy/ Nigga love the way I wet 'em when
I get up in 'em
Runnin' with the AK-47/ Buckin', heated heavy, bustin' niggas in the belly/ Then
I follow with the
.357 and then the automatic Tech'll get 'em/ Niggas love the way I wet 'em when
I get up in 'em
Hit 'em, and I really meant to split 'em/ Put these niggas on they ass like a
overdose of penicillin
Murda, nigga wanna pack a pistol wit it/ We got a coffin that'll fit you in it/
The bullets come with it
Heard a nigga 'posed to be on the stalk/ So now we takin' caution when we walk/
A lot of niggas can
talk, they better not be actin'/ Nigga better show me some affirmative action/
Cuz I'm a take it
Maybe more/ Comin' throu blastin'/ An innocent nigga; You try to run and go
back/ Cuz nigga,
That crossfire's no lie/ Your muthaf**kin' bullets fly by me blind/ It's a hell
of a war so muthaf**ker
Bring it on, b**ch/ Hell yeah, we been ready for the longest/ Who you gonna come
with? Yes
We sinnin', so maybe to die; We gotta be ready (ready) Got into the game just a
lil' too deep (too
deep) Now muthaf**kers on the creep and I can't sleep until my enemies rest in
peace, rest in peace
(Murda Mo! It's that Bloody Murda Mo!)
Yeah, stackin' the artillery shop/ Then get the enemy and f**k up the cops/ This
sh*t'll kill 'em on the
spot/ Throw 'em in the lake/ Right off of the rocks and get the f**k away/ Don't
get caught
You better hurry, nigga/ G-O for what you N-O/ So ho, come on/ Nigga, wanna see
if it's real
We got promos/ Stack 'em and tag 'em with the 44 magnum/ Get 'em inside 'em, hit
the spine
Paralyze 'em/ Listen to the pistol when it whistles, spittin' many missles,
splittin' niggas to the gristle
Hit 'em in the middle of the forehead/ Is the muthaf**kin' ho dead? Oh, yeah!
Reload it! M-11
9 millimeters up in the front; pump stuck, when we jump out to run; They in the
trunk/ I told you
Right up under my seat I keep heat/ You playin' me? Don't forget, it's right
next to my feet
Never know what I'm a pull out and shoot when I reach, and y'all ain't leavin'
the scene without bleedin';
Stick it to 'em/ Nigga, give it to 'em however they want it/ Bring it to us, and
it's brung back/ Trust us
(Murda Mo! It's that Bloody Murda Mo!)
Who you gonna f**k with? ThugLine? Now it's the end of the song and I drunk the
whole bottle
I been f**kin' with the killa liquor/ Sippin' Hennessey/ And I got me the pin to
see the f**kin' enemy
that wanna put me deep/ Paranoid when I'm in the streets; bulletproof, but they
can get me
underneath or in the upper H-E-A-D/ And I don't wanna be another casualty-ty so
I got to be much
quicker to release/ Screamin' bloody murder/ Makin' muthaf**kers eat the
Mossburger/ Undertaker
Nigga, take 'em under to the Wasteland/ Leather Face up in the place/ You better
pin a nigga
Crazy? Krayzie/ Never mistake me for these lames that be fakin', playa hatin',
concentratin'/ So we
eliminate and we erase 'em, erase 'em, yes we erase 'em, erase 'em, erase 'em,
yes we erase 'em
If you wanna get f**ked up, nigga wanna get bucked up (Jump); Buck...{shot}

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