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by Korn. Buy album CD: Other Songs 4 - O

[Verse 1]
They might just lock me up for sound abuse
Bite like a brown recluse, I found a noose
that grips the ground tight enough to break a town a loose
Reach back and smack you cause you questioned my validity
It took a month for my hand to hit him cause my swing started in Italy
I'm finna diss my nemesis, till he's removed from the premises
I'm a twisted chemist with brain cells that are limitless
The mic chord strangles, a life of course dangles
My inner-changeable language hangs with a snake by your ankles
We can do this for fun or we can make bets
I break necks with threats while your cassetts get regurgetated from tape decks
You can't digest my words the first time, so you rewind
I'll write a verse across your brain and let the people read your mind
You're tryna get at me, not knowin my words are crushin the South
The style I left so super sick, it left preachers cussin you out
Your stumbelin, over my words that will leave your skin crumbelin
All they found was his mouth on the ground hoppin and mumblin
... I'm The One!
I'm The One, not the 2 or the 3
I'm the aggravated lyricist straight of the S.P.C. (South Park Coalition)
I'm The One, not the three or the fo'
Y'all get knocked out of the frame tryin to step to K-Rino
[Verse 2]
I love to release with steel my hollows fool
My knowledge left scholars bruised
My esophagus rockets fumes, solid pools of kinetic acidic molecules
I'm never rattled, in hand, lyric or gun battle
I strattled hurds of untamed cattle with one sattle
Dyin from the pain, tried to complain, but see I knew it mane
Once a month I take out my brain and let the fluid drain
Battelin me is like you and your girlfriend so you resent it
Cause when

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Album: Other Songs 4 - O Lyrics
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  43. I Wish You Could Be Mine
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  45. I'm The One
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  48. Inside Out
  49. It's Me Again [bonus Track]eaten Up Inside [bonus Track]last Le
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  70. Old brown shoe [the beatles cover]
  71. One (hidden track on look in the mirror)
  72. One (live)
  73. One (Metallica Cover)
  74. Outro


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