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Kool G. Rap Lyrics First Nigga

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First Nigga

by Kool G. Rap. Buy album CD: Other Songs C - M

[Premier cuts & scratches]
"Kool G. Rap is my name"

Yo, who that first nigga that read about it ("Kool G. Rap")
Who that first nigga that spit about it ("Kool G. Rap")
What's that nigga name "Forget about it!"
First nigga that read about it ("Kool G. Rap")
Who that first nigga that spit about it
What's that nigga name "Forget about it!"

[Verse One]
Yo, who that real Don of that thug shit
Poppin' slugs shit, cock 'n block shit
Spit about street, murder and drug shit
Brought you the facts on twenty tracks on how they mug shit
Taught you to survive, in these streets you gotta lug shit
First nigga that spit about rocks and shit
Diamonds and jelly-jars, nigga yeah, proper shit
Even told you I was pumpin' on the block and shit
Who the first nigga that told you he would pop ya shit
Who the first nigga to spit about jail, cells and fiscale
Bail on sit-L, ripping a bitch tead-L
Who took you from the "Road To Riches", the "Ill Street Blues"
In a jacuzz' with the uz', crack avenues
Black you lose to a wolf, pack packing tools
Who stepped up in this rap game, a sane actin' fool
Who the first "Wanted: Dead Or Alive"
That told you live and let it demise
Ten steps ahead of you guys
Started "4, 5, 6" on it
G. Rap and Rakim was the first niggas that bought a eightie-man click 'n it
Look at my life baby, I'm a eighties man rippin' it
Legendary cat play the path for y'all to get with it


[Verse Two]
Who that nigga that took the rapflows to the next level
Wish only I was black, fish rappers and ex-rebels
My second LP bitch, showed you the sex devil
Photo shoots and silk suits, special effect rebels
And it's a shame you sorta rocks around a Lex' bezzle
Smacking niggas with stacks and ones
On the run, clappin the guns
Stacking crack funds and packing the slums
Told you how them kids blow off they radget for crums
Was among y'all niggas raps, was too attached to the huns
I was the first nigga to spit graphic
Strictly about dealers and slick addicts
How to click maddicts and split a cabbage
Y'all niggas' shit was average
Except a few cats in the game that came to reign the hash you established


[ Premier cuts & scratches ]
"Kool G. Rap is my name"

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