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Stuck On You Lyrics

Stuck On You by Koo Chung  

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Stuck On You Your eyes are like Medusa's hair, cuz when I dared to stare
Well, I froze and turned to stone
And I'm acting like I'd never seen a lovely smile before
Well, at least none quite like yours
And I'll take you anywhere you'd like, though you complain all night
About the way I drive
So how bout just you and me, we grab a cup of tea
And talk until it's bright

So don't go and run away with my heart
Cuz it's stuck on you, stuck on you
Stop pulling with your perfect charm
Cuz it's stuck on you, stuck on you, yeah...

My heart, it keeps a steady beat, but when you're next to me
It's playing rock n' roll
You're stories always make me smile
And your laughter spreads to me like wildfire

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