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Revenge - Killem


Revenge by Killem

Anger sadness... the meat that feeds the rage
The candle's consumed and life is just the flame
Future in black... message of the end
Centuries of aggressions will be paid in one day
Paradise lost... there's no turning back
The sentence has been forced and chaos has begun
Rooted in... like a virus deep inside
The hatred of mother nature means the end of human race
Earth... Chance... Now... Revenge
Time's over... the bell tolls in flames
The countdown of life is running away
Empty faith... a vanishing smoke is growing around us
The world is in shock
Broken deal... mirror of the damned
The way hasn't been found (yet), salvation's the trap
Pollution, trash... the guilt is gone
The rope is tight and our breath's underground
Earth... Chance... Now... Revenge