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by Kid Capri. Buy album CD: The Tape

We interrupt this program to bring you a special report
We are looking for a man named Billy
who has just been accused for use of fake credit cards;
use of UPS trucks; and trying to sell crack
to an undercover token clerk
What is this world coming to? Well I'll tell you

Yeahhh his name is Billy
Now let me tell you about this guy right here
Bust it

A brainiac, con artist to the 'T'
Able to geese, you and me
Talks like a psychotic pimp, walks with a limp..
.. but he's a wimp!
Mastermind of the computer world, he lives
with his wife and a cute little girl
Now this is the story of a family
And the man of the family, huh, his name was Billy

"Yeah you know that guy named Billy
he was always conning somebody
he was always getting away with murder word"

His name was Billy!

"He tried to have Moet tossin Olde E money
I ain't tryin to have that
but let me tell you about this"

Ohhhh, Billy Billy Billy, whassup for today?
Ha ha! Tell me, did you ever find a way
to make that money real quick - well I got an idea
"So what's the idea?" Computer chip!
Here's a job, some numbers, two credit cards
We'll split it even, but here's the odds
Twenty to one, Who's Harry Crumb?
He's a big fat man which he carries a fat gun
Now Billy, a smooth operator
Sneaks out his door, a to the elevator
Gets on the sixth, and gets off on the fifth
Then heads out the building with
his little pocket knife in his hand
Show em you're a man Billy.. understand?
A few people try to mug him, crack dealers love him
Delivery boys think highly of him
United Parcel, very colossal.. UH!
Sometimes he get a bit hostile
Don't even care, if people stare
He gets his package look around, then he's outta there!
Well a-nother day, a-nother dollar
Don't wanna do it, boy but he's gotta
a diamond to sell, three point one carat
"So what he did?" Sold it to the first floor faggot
No real money, one and a third
But the brother's gonna get, as high as a bird
Bell bottoms, yes the man invented the slacks
Old fashioned turn them naked pointy shoes with spats
He got the limp to his walk, hat cocked just right
Walkin down the block, lookin like, Willy Dynamite!
This man is amazing, he does a lot
He can tell you what he can do, and what he can not
He get you radios or TV's, clocks and beds
He's gettin, twenty to life once he's caught by the feds
His name was Billy

"Yeah my man went and got her credit card
Bought my man a Pathfinder Jeep, word up
I ain't actin like we ain't been down
Knahmsayin? He never get love from me
always tryin to con me but I ain't goin for it

"Tell em what you want Kid Capri"

Man I need a VCR, really (really, really)
I thought you was going to lookout, BILLY
You told me to be here six o'clock
By that time, you said you'd be ready to make the drop
Well I guess you're fronting again
When you gonna be on the up and up my friend?
You keep conning, you better chill!
Cause a brother like me will squeal.. on Billy!

"He did it, he did it!
Word up man I'm squealing on him man
He tried to front on the Kid Capri, word"

His name was Billy!

"Ain't no way in the world I'ma let that go
Lords of Funk ain't tryin to have that!

His name was Billy!

"Man you need to grow up before you blow up
Stop tryin to play high post with a low income"

His name was Billy!

"I ain't havin it..
now before you think about doin it
let me tell you this!"

Don't mess with Bill (no no-no no)
Don't mess with Bill (uh-huh)

His name was Billy!

Uh-huh, mmhmm, ah-hah, mmhmm
Ah-hah, mmhmm, mmhmm, mmhmm
Ah-hah, mmhmm, ah-hah, mmhmm
Ah-hah, his name was Billy

I think Billy learned his lesson
Just leave that crack alone!

I'm outta here

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