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Confessional At 6pm Lyrics

Confessional At 6pm by Kevin Devine  

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Confessional At 6pm I'd give myself a hand if I were you
The right words are never ones I say.
Songs like these
They carry little weight now.
Cause they're about honesty
They're about sincerity
And I gave you neither
And I took everything
For me.
And I have broken your heart
For the first and only time
One day I'll feel this way too
On the receiving end
Of heavy handed logic.
And I'm not real anymore
I'm like a story
Passed down by kids at campfire parties
Not getting out of bed today
Just lay here uninspired
Feeling bad that I threw you away.
I'm a shadow that whispers
Stupid songs about his heart.

I'm sorry for letting you down
I'm sorry for everything about me that hurts you
I think about what you said on the phone
If I die alone it's my own fault

And I'm a shadow that whispers
Stupid songs about his heart
I'm sorry
I'd give myself a hand

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