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The christmas remix Lyrics

The christmas remix by Kelly  

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The christmas remix Chistmas Christmas what can i say
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
smiles on every1's face (snap)
getting coal is a discrace (snap)
Presents, toys, family and friends
jumprope, phone, a marsades bends.

Santa is coming clap x4
my noes is numming clap x4

Santa with his fuzzy beard
its kinda ugly its kinda weird

Put out ur cookies and put out ur milk,
sleep in ur bed with ur pj's of silk.
Down ur chimney and into ur house,
hes creeping as quiet as a mouse.

falalala sing a song
kelly: cuz santa (hold)
Allison:cuz santa (hold)
kelly: cuz santa (hold)
Allison:cuz santa (hold)

both: is comingggggg (hold)

TONIGHT (hold)

allison: wahoo

Allison and kelly: yesssssssss (like napolean dynamite)

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music