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Pullin' Back The Reins Lyrics

Pullin' Back The Reins by K.c. And The Sunshine Band  

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Pullin' Back The Reins K.d. lang/Ben Mink
Out of nowhere this gust of wind
Brushed my hair and kissed my skin
I aimed to hold a bridled pace
When with love itself i came face to face

Pullin' back the reins
Trying to remain
Tall in a saddle
When all that we had well
Ran away
With a will of it's own

I know your soul is wild and free
Like this galloiong inside me
Tossed by instinct and where we land
Is vast and certain of all that's planned

You know, i learned to break the run
And gently harness the love of someone
Yes, and equal parts of wait and trust
Is in control of the both of us

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