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Still feelin blue Lyrics

Still feelin blue by Kasey Chambers  

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Still feelin blue Time can pass and time can heal
But it don't ever pass the way I feel
You went away a long time ago
And why you left I never knew
The lonely days and lonely nights
I guess the world knows I aint feeling right
And when your gone the hours pass so slow
And now I'm still feeling blue

And baby since you walked out of my life
I never felt so low
Can't help but wonder why you had to go

There are many girls but I can't say
They come and go but still I feel this way
And ever since the day you said goodbye
No one treats me like you used to do
I hope your out and happy now
And doing up the town 'cos you know how
Everytime I hear your name I want to die
And now I'm still feeling blue

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