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Baleerie baloo - Karine Polwart


Baleerie baloo by Karine Polwart

I know the warp of a thread
Of fibres and filaments silver and red
But these golden stars
Are blood on my hands
Baleerie, baleerie baloo
I cradled you all in the sun
I cradle you still though the day is done
And these golden stars
Swallow the light
Baleerie, baleerie baloo
Tomorrow is sealed with a sigh
And I am betrayed by the tear in my eye
And these golden stars
Have fallen to earth
Baleerie, baleerie baloo
So hush ma wee lammie don't weep
A far gentler hand will soon lull you to sleep
And those golden stars will shine for you and I
Baleerie, baleerie baloo