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2nd Chance Lyrics

2nd Chance by Karen Clark Sheard  

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2nd Chance Dear God I know what's right from wrong
But there are times I let myself slip away
Though I've hidden thou word in my heart
I sometimes forsake the extent of your grace
(b-sec)Shallow as I sometimes behave ignoring your ways
Letting my selfishness conquer my days
Thanks to your unmerited favor

I strayed away but you saved the day
And you gave me a 2nd chance
It's been so long since I've been home
I was wrong but you gave a 2nd chance(2x)

Dear God I try to focus my eyes on you
As I worship in spirit and in truth
Though you're my light in my darkest hour
But it gets hard to see when I'm all into me
(b-sec)to (chorus)
You gave me a chance I know that I don't deserve LORD
Throughout my life there's no one else I'd rather serve LORD
I promise I will do my best to make it into Heaven
For as I sleep and awake you substained me
That's why I love you so

(chorus Ad Lib)

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