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Peace Remain Lyrics

Peace Remain by Kareem Salama  

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Peace Remain In you love will I wash away a thousand wounds
And at last find the end of all these I's with You
In my heart do I carry so much pain and grief
From what I've seen this world and what you've seen from me

Chorus: But let me put all that aside
And think of you until I'm blind
And though the world will never change
In you will my peace remain
Many roads have I traveled just to find no end
And many times have I looked to all the lands I've been
But it's all the same 'cause it's nowhere at all
Try and try as I might, I only stand to fall


Some may laugh at the tears I rain
A rose is a rose by another name
And some may think I've gone insane
So I draw my dagger and sleigh my name


In you will my peace remain

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