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Somebody Gotta Pay Lyrics by Kane & Able


Somebody Gotta Pay by Kane & Able

[Hook x5]

Tryin' to get off all this yay

Somebody gotta pay, I been on this block all day

[Verse 1]

I'm the boardman bitch but let me tell ya how I came up

Cooked a lot of that raw, never sold that fake stuff

Cutthroat cha' if ya try to bring me some harm

Don't look at me wrong cause I'll be bustin' ya long
Blunbt smoke with the rocks in my mouth, see all dirty

Gotta see my P.O. tomorrow on a hot Thursday

But today I'ma make it bump around the way

I lay K off in the grass so ya better not play

If ya just jumped off the porch I'ma slam ya
If ya talkin' crazy nigga I'ma have to handle ya

If it's real I can serve ya, we can do a little business

Keep it on the low when we straight I'ma hit chu' with that issue

As long as I got narcotics make me richer

Before I stop I'ma blow up the block this year

[* Explosion *] (x7)

[Hook x5]

[Verse 2]

Do I have to speak any further

Fuckin' with me and my loot then it's gonna be a murder
I creep in ya house like a burglar

Do you really think it's a game, you lame
When bullets flame you gon' be the next nigga unnamed

What cha' heard, my click can't be flamed, crazy in the brain
Yes we do get into this hustle so don't fuck with out brains

On the block is where I hang

In the same fit for three weeks

For this goof that steal my money race like a track meet
On a Friday ain't no heat, only if you got beef

It's about to be a X for nigga tryin' to hit a ho with that bare meat
In the streets it's known that we got em' anything can happen

I'ma make it so the crack and rap and hustlin' is happenin'

[Hook x5]

[Verse 3]

I jumped off in tha game back in 96

Nigga hit me three bricks, nigga post that list

Servin' Boxcar Ramone, that nigga was kissed

I used to give him two stones just to test my shit
Got my first piece of pussy in a project hallway

Pussy to the gun play, we can play all day

Smokin' big weed, keep my conscience clear

P.O. bitch touched me now I'm back on a tear

I can't wait to see them niggas when they see my face
Give my lawyers six figures now they droppin' the case
When I was small big niggas on the block would ball

I had to look up to em' like they was 20 feet tall

Fuck y'all I'm stack my tips, take these hits

Fuck a thick bitch in a brand new six
Now it's Friday, like a ho to do it my way

Only do the speed limit and a third on the highway

[Hook x5]