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This Life

by Kane & Abel. Buy album CD: Rise To Power

(Chorus) 2x
Do you wanna live or die
Break to the sky
You don't want this life

(Verse 1)
Still in the ghetto sit up in there a long time ago
But in my [?] it was the time to go
I got my hustle on in the street had to eat
Knew I was sinnin and I knew you will forgive me
I used to hang out with the thug figures drug dealers
So got love for my hook but you're my loves bigger
Stuck in the county jail pacin my cell
Facin 25 with a L million dollars bail
Thinkin 'what do I believe in, heaven or hell?'
Sometimes the street's stressed do my best but still fail
I grew up poor put in work and got rich
With you in my heart by my side I got some happiness
[?] your life get my life right
Because you're comin like a thief in the night
Dedicated to you for being there for me
Even though my life I do is so much tragedy

(Chorus) 2x

(Verse 2)
Did so much dirt in a world so cold
You took my mom and my dad when I was 6 years old
And everything I do I did it to get paid
In time I'm payin for those mistakes that I made
You called Clarence my boy we was in 11th grade
Preacher say you had a purpose for me -I stay
My grandmother told me that I ain't livin right
And my name gon be missin in heaven's book of life
The lady down the street say I'm goin to hell
With every day you let me live it's a story to tell
When my money was low and my hopes was high
I looked to the sky and you got me 'PA

(Chorus) 2x

(Verse 3)
Love you more than money in the bank much more than dank
Live without you I can't
I give you prayers and thanks
Ain't no killer in the ghetto better than you
Forever with you cause you're the most powerful
I ain't perfect never said I was perfect
But you put me thru trails and my life
I know it's worth
Fell on my knees in the [?church?] prayin to you
Don't got no gun in my waist I got respect for you
I got no fear cause the Lord you got my back
And we're livin in the final days of the last days
I believe that ain't no lookin back keep the contact
It's dedicated to you for being there for me

(You don't want this life
So live your life right ba-by) 5x

Life your life right
Trust me you don't want this life
Trust me you don't want this life
Kane & Abel
Most Wanted
Rise To Power
One of the realest songs you ever heard
To the world
For sure

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