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Introduction / Domination Lyrics by Kalisia


Introduction / Domination by Kalisia

Litosünka zvoyoma (Approaching Lithos system)
Tirosös shawa dëlka sa (Energy captors deployed)
Egiono proïos aziemka anbiospha (Biosphere life support initalized)
Enkreï iksou egiono s'aziemka (Kreï life development initialized)
... Miryena ostamëtka (... Receiving distress signal)
"Where do I come from? I feel full of energy"
[The League]:
Nimäk nakeh fibu (Welcome to the League, young child)
Nami (Pure)
Em akeeni ansün (You'll learn under our protection)
Nakeh akeen (Learn in the Union)
Saïbion (Cybion)
Ehksëm, zaïa (Together, survival)
Ehksëm, sanalïs (Together, domination)
Këh nji zaïa (Union, grandeur, survival)