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Unorganized Lyrics

Unorganized by J-Wall  

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Unorganized Verse One:
Ever since, my girlfriend moved away
My life has been a total mess
On my shoulder's, a huge burden lays
And every minute is full of stress
I got so lost, in all of my life
I am not sure what is good or bad
I may have just, lost my future wife
She was all I ever had

My life has been so unorganized
Since I lost my girlfriend
My life is oh, so, unorganized
And my heart cannot mend

Verse Two:
I tryed to work, but then I quit
All I could think of was her
The job I had then, made me feel like shit
Massive idiots, they all were
I need some time to myself
To reflect and think
About the cards that I have been dealt
I can not let my life sink


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