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Must i lose? Lyrics

Must i lose? by J-Wall  

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Must i lose? Verse One:
Whenever I, have lost something else
I need someone, to help me find myself
Thatr my life, is not going to end yet
I'm not sure, I'm covered in tears and sweat
Why must I lose my house, my girl, and my car
I never end up getting very far
Scorching heat, burning cars, my home falls
I need a phone, so I can finally get my calls

Why can't I win? A decent life
Why must I lose? Always full of strife
Why can't I win? And fall in love
Why can't I lose? Always getting shoved
Why can't I win? I do not asked for a lot
Why can't I lose? Sit and watch my life rot

Verse Two:
Out on the farm, I have time to reflect
Sadly, there, I realize my life is a wreck
Why must I have, all of this stress
Is it because, my life is a mess
I guess that I, will always feel this way
So please just help me, get through today


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