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Jungle Brothers Lyrics

Jungle Brothers List of Lyrics

Album: V.I.P. (1999) Lyrics
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  1. Face Down
  2. Fractured
  3. Let Them Die
  4. Symbols Of Hate
  5. Tomb Of Armenus
  6. V.I.P.
  7. I Remember
  8. Get Down
  9. Early Morning
  10. Down With The Jbeez
  11. The Brothers
  12. Party Goin' On
  13. Sexy Body
  14. Playing For Keeps
  15. Jbeez Rock The Dancehall
  16. Freakin' You
  17. Strictly Dedicated
  18. Jungle Brother (True Blue)
Album: Raw Deluxe (1997) Lyrics
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  1. How ya want it we got it (native tongue remix)
  2. Jungle brother (stereo mc's mix)
  3. Jungle Brother (True Blue)
  4. Changes
  5. Black Man On Track
  6. Toe To Toe
  7. Moving Along
  8. Gettin money
  9. Where You Gonna Go
  10. Brain
  11. Handle My Business
  12. How Ya Want It We Got It
  13. Bring It On
  14. Jungle Brother
Album: J. Beez Wit The Remedy (1993) Lyrics
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  1. 40 Below Trooper
  2. Book Of Rhyme Pages
  3. My Jimmy Weighs A Ton
  4. Blahbludify
  5. Spark A New Flame
  6. I'm In Love With Indica
  7. Simple As That
  8. All I Think About Is You
  9. Good Lookin Out
  10. Jb's Comin Through
  11. Spittin Wicked Randomness
  12. For The Headz At Company Z
  13. Man Made Material
Album: Done By The Forces Of Nature (1989) Lyrics
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Album: Straight Out The Jungle (1988) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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