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Rap Ass Nigga

by JT Money. Buy album CD: Pimpin' On Wax

Most rappers ain't nothing but niggas who talk a good one
Talking bout' they thugs, g's, and hustlas
Or they'll kill a nigga quick bout' some dumb shit
Get your mind right, I can tell you'se a young kid
Still a nigga see right through your game
I know it ain't no substance to your game
Trying to outdo the next nigga, claiming g
But all you rap ass niggas are the same to me
I gave you game for free, and I just call it like I see it
Say you real, well nigga be it
Nigga don't speak about it, be about it
Cause I'm the type of nigga to come through and see about it
Damn right, nigga kill with that camouflauge
Cause I know you as real as a damn mirage
You ain't really here
Talking that same shit, even though you only real as the game you kick
Rap ass nigga


Well if you go on and on til' the break of dawn
You a rap ass nigga
And if you hip the hop, the bee-bop don't stop
You a rap ass nigga
And if you fluent talking all that gangsta shit
You a rap ass nigga
And if you fit any one of those categories, boy you need to quit
Cause you a rap ass nigga

Motherfuckers think they can tell anything to a nigga
You got us fucked up like liqour, pussy nigga
Cause you got a big budget, thank you can drop anything on the public
And we gonna love it
Naw playa, it don't work that way
Keep playing, fuck around and get hurt that way
Shit, I feel like a lot of niggas owe me cheese
Got me wasting my bread on these wack cd's
Niggas might as well only sell singles
Get out the game and go do commercial jingles
For kool-aid, pringles, or some other shit
Rap ass niggas just make a nigga sick
Can't hold in my beat no mo'
If I try you, then I might blow
But it might slow, down in the bottom
Rap ass niggas need to fall like harder


I'm on a roll like shit paper
Getting cheese while these other niggas get vapors
All for me, but my game go beyond this
That's the reason other motherfuckers join this
I mean jealous nigga, when you look upon this
All you see is greatness and wanna harm this
But see you harmless, so find someone to play with
You out your league, fucking with this heavy-weight shit
With all that fake shit
I'm flowing really scary huh
Barely to you niggas who clown like jim carrey huh
Flows vary from bass to that funk shit
Got you open, cause I'll never join your punk shit
Motherfuckers on the jock like they want dick
Copy cats hear their flows and get so sick
Beat downs all you fuck niggas gonna get
For even thinking you can sit on my chrome bitch


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