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Miss My Flight - Jojo


Miss My Flight by Jojo

Since I was a little girl, I knew what I wanted.
One day I would see the world, and make my mark on it.
Put in time, sacrificed, never thought of thinking twice.
Since I was a little girl, I dreamed.
Now I'm standing right with you in a terminal,
With a ticket so far from your love.
Can I have one more kiss, one more touch, I just can't get enough of you,
But I'm in a rush I got to fly away.
Planes waiting up for me, right at gate twenty-three,
There's a doorway to my dreams, I could go or I could stay.
Should I change my life, or miss my flight?
My alarm clock in the morning, says you got to go now.
The breakfast you were calling and my heart just broke down.
'Cause tomorrow we will be, waking up separately.
Wish I never heard that clock ring.
See I don't want to win, If my heart's got to lose,
So how in the world do I choose?
How could you measure the promise of love,
When it's weighing against a chance that comes once?
How can I leave, when I know he's the one?
When the dust settles he might not be here.
Now I'm standing with you in this terminal,
Crying my eyes out in tears
I just need