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Johnny Freedom ('Freedom Land') Lyrics by Johnny Horton


Johnny Freedom ('Freedom Land') by Johnny Horton

When our country was a baby and the Redcoats had their way
It was he who had a party tossing tea in Boston Bay
It was he who braved the winter in the days of Valley Forge
Fightin' side by side together with a fella name of George

Johnny Freedom Johnny Freedom you can meet him on each page of history
He's the spirit of America, our country's pride and joy
Hats off to Johnny Freedom Johnny Freedom that's our boy

When our country started growin' and the wagons headed West
When our country called for pioneers his name led all the rest
What a figure in his rawhide coat and hat made of racoon
Wonder what there was about him made you think of Daniel Boone
(Johnny Freedom...

If we need a mess of thinkin' he's the Lincoln of the day
If we're fixin' for a trussel it's his muscle all the way
If we need a handsome fella so the ladies hearts can throb
There's a yankee doodle dandy always handy for the job
(Johnny Freedom...