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Smokey factory blues Lyrics by Johnny Cash


Smokey factory blues by Johnny Cash

Early in the misty misty morning headin' for another freeway jam
Sleepy eyed and shriverin' wakin' up and wishin' it was Sunday I wish it was Sunday
On the radio they're playin' love songs songs that make me wanna turn around
Factory gates are up ahead I wished that I was moment dead
With you right now back home with you right now

But I work to make a living and I work without a break
And I work when I am sleeping and I work when I'm awake
Yes and I'd like to leave the city but I can't afford to move
And I think I'm going under with them way down lowdown smokey factory blues
[ ac.guitar ]
I was born a lover not a worker money doesn't smell like sweet perfume
Some of us feel out of place engine oil upon our face
Believe me you better believe me

I work to make a living...
But I work to make a living...