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Wednesday's song Lyrics

Wednesday's song by John Frusciante  

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Wednesday's song You´ll make it through the day
See things another way and behold
Listen to Wednesday´s song
This night you go home alone
How the sane go upright
How you look another night

You´re back under my hat
And even knowing that you´re a whore
Nothing ever meant more
That switching rooms through a door
Out into another one
Frames flash inward

And you know
I have seen the world enough
I´ve drowned
in my thoughts a lot
Deep in rains that swirl above
I canceled heaven I concede

Another world to say
When everything´s O.K. you go down
And pulling up the slack
And never coming back
An alarm

Ringing to set the sun
No one ever becomes
What others thought they should´ve been
Inside they´re what they can see

You know I do miss this girl
To show I am in a swirl of sun
Being what I´ve got
The joy
I canceled heaven I concede
Everything that I believe
I canceled heaven I concede

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