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Pilgrim Fathers

by J-Live. Buy album CD: Then What Happened?

We're the Pilgrim Fathers, you may have heard rather a lot 'bout our notion
Crossin' the ocean on the good ship Mayflower. 'Though it's true our
Journey turned into quite a commotion.
People report that we sported these hats, but that's not true, I mean,
Would you? Anyway, the main thing to say, we began the USA. Our little band
Of religion fans from the East Midlands.
We all believed slowly that England was becoming less holy, so set off for
Holland 'cos there we have friends, but in the end, seemed the Netherlands
Would never be the land we planned.
Couldn't stand to remain on that terrain so again we rearranged to start a
New nation with our congregation, a new and common life, took a farmer and
A builder and his wife, and a cleric-ah, to find America.

Oh It's a new world...
It wasn't new to the natives,
Still we thought we'd claim it,
Yeah, it's a new world!

I still remember the ninth of November, the year 1620, and we saw plenty of
Land. We thanked God that we'd found ground at Cape Cod, but it didn't go
As planned!
Couldn't land on the sand. A month later, though, we made it! New Plymouth,
Man, we claimed it. The Natives said 'not' but ran when we shot.
Moved there and proved, yeah, that life would be tough 'cos we didn't have
Enough of the right stuff! Did you know, had no seeds we could grow,
Although William Mullins had stacked 126 pairs of shoes in his pack. Now
That's wack!
A fishing rod, a plow, a pig or a cow would've been a much better idea. But
Now there's no food for us to eat. Does this mean that we'll meet with
Defeat?(The feet); )
No fun in the new world.
I'm glad we've arrived here,
But will we survive here?
Yeah, in the new world.

Our people were starving, our numbers halving. When the winter winds blew
Even fewer lived through! It wasn't pretty in our new city but the natives
Took pity even though they didn't have to!
Man called Tonto showed us how to grow Maize, catch eel for our meal, build
Chopta in the bays. Tribe gave us a feast, our starvation ceased. In 1621
What they had done turned us back from the dead to the living, and to this
Day that's why we have Thanksgiving.

In Masachuttes built our colony, it's true.
They say modern America,
Was founded by our crew.
It's a new world!
But we can't call it England,
Lets call it new England.
Yeah, it's a new world!

My home was in Plymouth, lets call this New Plymouth!

I got an idea, lets call this New Hampshire!

Wait, I'm from Newcastle! Can we call it New Newcastle?


It's a new world!

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