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My Favorite Excuse - Jim Gaven


My Favorite Excuse by Jim Gaven

1st Verse:Walk with me on the edge of the shoreline and tell me one more time about last night and how you had so much fun without me by your side so did I
Pre-Chorus:And we'll see if you slip through the cracks and speak of something last night you'd rather keep to yourself with your lies that won't help to get you out of this mess cause you're so blatantly obvious
Chorus: if you cheat your way through life you will need a reason for lying to always cover your feet so reminisce the next time you feel guilty inside cause this trip is half over and you'll fall in mid-stride (2nd time->cause this trip is almost over and you'll fall within stride; 3rd time->by now this trip is all over and you've ruined both of our lives)
2nd Verse: Talk to me with your hook and your line and fish for words that I already know where you want to go but never find so you'll crawl back graciously