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Hooker In A Bottle Lyrics

Hooker In A Bottle by JC Chasez  

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Hooker In A Bottle ima ho

ima hooooooooooo

yes i am baby i wear skimpy clothing its very tight
i work all hours of the night
waiting for someone to pay me
youve proabably seen me everywhere
i dont even wear clean underwear
my pimp doesnt care(doesnt care)
ima hooooooooooooooooooooo
my pimp says work b**ch
(uh) but my heart is sayin no
if you wanna freak with me baby theres
a price to pay ima hooker on the cornor
look at my teeth decay
if you wanna be with me baby you have got to see
you can get a case of shingles and a
bad std ima hooker on the cornor baby
my pimp says im fat and lazy ima hooker on the
cornor baby come come come on and pick me up

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