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Don't Walk Away (Radio Edit) Lyrics by Javine


Don't Walk Away (Radio Edit) by Javine

Verse 1:
I have all this love waiting just for you
I just gotta know that your love is true
can't keep runnin' boy, in and out my life,
wanna be your girl, not cuz the mood is right
If I let you come inside, tomorrow will you hide?
Will you be there for me, when I need someone to hold me?
Baby don't misunderstand, I do want you for my man
I just need a little time before I confess my love....
Don't walk away, boy
my love won't hurt you (no)
Don't walk away, boy (don't walk away)
I'll be right there for you.
Verse 2:
You say all the things, that I like to hear
you push all my buttons baby, love to have you close to me
wanna feel your love, wanna be for sure
wanna feel your love, baby, each and every night...
(2nd 1/2 of Bridge)