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Jason Blaine Lyrics

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Album: Make My Move (2008) Lyrics
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  1. Good Day To Get Gone
  2. Rock In My Boot
  3. Just A Memory
  4. If You Don't Love Me
  5. I Wanna Be That Man
  6. My First Car
  7. Flirtin' With Me
  8. Give It To Me
  9. Make My Move
  10. Man I Am
  11. If Love Was Enough
  12. Slow Time Down
Album: While We Were Waiting (2006) Lyrics
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  1. While We Were Waiting
  2. What I Can't Forget
  3. Change The Channel
  4. Heartache Like Mine
  5. Last Slow Dance
  6. What Makes A Man
  7. Reinvent The Wheel
  8. Say It Again
  9. That Shine
  10. That's What I Do