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No way Lyrics

No way by Jasmine Guy  

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No way Turn The Other Way So there's no way
that i can be your partner
i got so much to do before my time
there's moments where i can be lost
but today i finally feel free ( yeah Ohh )

Turn The Other way so i can't see your face
hope you regret all what you done
can't hind from truth
no lie's if you try one you can't be in my life
over the past few mounths
i've been upside down
i've been growing up i've been through pain
i've had to face fears

Turn the other way so there's no us
cause all we do together is break up
we can't be great lover's after all
a perfect face copple that it
but we don't suit we both are way out Of blance

i want the fate to just be normal
want the lie to go
can't hide from the truth

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