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Hold me Lyrics

Hold me by Jasmine Guy  

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Hold me ( hold ) me
don't fly until i say goodbye
( hold ) me until i die
it's the only way we can be smiling
I have dreamed every night about you

when i say i love you
it means i do and always will
( so hold me ) until i heal
if you stay i know then that i can be strong
without you i'd be caught in the middle of emotions

love is forever
i can understand that
( hold me ) and forgive the lies
I was under control back then
i was too over protected to even touch you

( when i mean it ) i mean it
( so hold me ) and forget about the lie's
you've always been standing in my life
So why not take that chance

love is forever
I can understand that
i've always had feelings
that were hard to explain
i was too over protected to even touch you
....but now i finally was free once again ( hold me )

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