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Fragile heart Lyrics

Fragile heart by Jasmine Guy  

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Fragile heart my heart is fragile
my inside is weak
i got inside a fragile heart
my eyes can't see everyone
but all i got inside is a fragile heart
no one has a heart shaped like mine
my fragile heart is always standing there
and tearing my chances up

it's raining my heart feels fragile
at the time i lost words fragile heart
it's always breaken i gotta inner strength
but all i am now is fragile. .........................
i sometimes got to make this work
my fragile heart always fragile never stops
the feeling called fragile fragile heart
so easy to break my heart
so fragile want the fragile heart to be strong
and glue the strength on....

fragile heart... inside a fragile heart
always taking me inner a way i can't stick with
a bad bad fragile heart...

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