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A part of me Lyrics

A part of me by Jasmine Guy  

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A part of me a part of me changes it's mind
all the time it dives me crazy
wanna fall asleep wanna fall asleep
wanna wake up feeling ok

a part of me is half dead
a part of me is so oh strong
a part of me dosen't know
parts of my body is always in pain

feels like i chosen this life to learn something
unvunable ohh i just watch to much televison
ohh i just spend too much time on the computer

a part of me just wants to be lazy
a part of me is oh so week
part of my body feels strength
part of my body feels it's lost the energy
a part of me always is in pain
how can i stop this ?
was i ment to learn this way
i ant intereted in school nothing but
nastyness* A part of me
wants to fall asleep

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