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All hope was gone Lyrics

All hope was gone by Jasmine Guy  

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All hope was gone all hope was gone
before i got the chance
this couldn't be happening
all i am is just a girl

all hope was gone
just as i prepeared myself
to get ready for a exsperence
my life already has come to where
i dont want it
and at this time i'm lost

all hope gone
no this couldn't be true
babe all i have is you
i got trust with you
and all hope gone

all hope gone
just at the wrong time of the year
babe all i see with you is love
being created when a boy asks me
something i seem to misunderstand
cause at the time all hope was gone
this couldn't be really true
not now not ever...
so much i've nevre thought happen

remember that i got faith in u
do you call me as your girlfriend?????

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