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Weed (skit) Lyrics

Weed (skit) by Ja Rule  

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Weed (skit) "Weed (Skit)"

No No you f**ker your smoking that trash all wrong save that for the b**chs
Give me a second f**ker I'm make a phone call real quick

Hey hey say what the f**k is the deal with you f**ker
anit nothin' f**ker I'm just tryin' to show this youg f**ker how to smoke
I need a pound of your sweetest chiver alright
mouther f**ker tell that f**ker watch out for tha police
or that f**ker be back on the boat hurry up though
Bigh money
You know I do it

Alright cut that sh*t out too
who the hell he think he is
These mother f**ker anit nobody he anit nothing
I smoke wit the best of them
Bad ass nigga

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