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So Hot

by Ja Rule. Buy album CD: Other Songs 1 - WH

3000 what's happenin my nigga ha-ha
Ok Inc Empire ha some niggaz know about that shit huh
I'm startin to see the paint crack
I'm startin to see the paint crack
You niggaz is fuckin cowards
The murderers Inc
We fuck with these hoe's man you know ha-ha

(Verse 1)
Bitch I shine like diamonds from Seri Leone
Excuse me not diamonds but “diamonds “
And kanye had to think of a way wearing diamonds at all
Till I throw again that a hoe's best friend
And when I get the sippin on hypnotic in here
(?) I can get the touchin on your closes friends
Plus we do that other touchin leave no witnesses
Touchy touchy
I guess that's how us gangsters is
And I'm bout to tell your bitch how a hoe should live
Get a nigga hold him down even thru his bid
Coz I put this on my momma and my 3 born kids
I'm a get this chicken and flip it as long as I live
And if there's beef on the menu I'll cook it at 50 degrees (?)
You hot I'll put you on freeze
You know who I'm talkin to coz the 5-0
You know where they go when them niggaz need info
Over and out 10-4 I'll buck at you later
The streets know but I don't want them to call me a hater
Coz I've got blocks just like you but I don't get shot like you do
You bitch nigga
Back to the pen of a nigga can't get it get I get so much pussy
I should run the city so come on and buck with me
Get drunk get high
It loc introducing the Inc empire lets go
These niggaz don't really want it oh
In the club bitches all up on us like
(You so hot 4x)
But these bitches don't really want me no
They just want to be around a nigga coz
(You so hot 4x)

(Verse 2)
Niggaz I know you all fuckin with the eh eh the what
Inc empire. Get down and get tied up and part of my delayer
Nigga been tied up fuckin on America top modal's
Like (?) but don't get it fucked up a nigga still roll up
(?) pumped up and show a nigga tough love
Maybe that bitch mya ya got the best of but now me niggaz
My best move will be my next one
Just cock me a gun nick name luck ton
Coz it's about to hurt and nigga that sleep on it
Can't sleep on this push hand made by (?)
For 350 whole season no harness
No conflict with diamonds man they all flawless
Bitch speck when spoken to when round balers
Bottom birds for the winter down south in neworlands
Then head up top for some peach pickin in Georgia
Name your price lil mamma I can fuckin afford ya
Seen you home in new bitch all the hoe's will applaud ya
Ignore ya before ya take a hit of that dose
Why don't ya bring that arse a tad bit closer?
I'm pose to get to know you better
You know a nigga don't know no better
How is rain in the brain in the death don't get a drop the roof
On the range let the rain drops to us bitch stayin in your lane
You don't know

These niggaz don't really want it oh
In the club bitches all up on us like
(You so hot 4x)
But these bitches don't really want me no
They just want to be around a nigga coz
(You so hot 4x)

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