How Many Wanna(Dirty)-Light It Up Soundtrack Lyrics

Ja Rule Lyrics How Many Wanna(Dirty)-Light It Up Soundtrack

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How Many Wanna(Dirty)-Light It Up Soundtrack

by Ja Rule. Buy album CD: Other Songs 1 - WH

Yo, yo, uh
It's Ja Rule, heh, Murder Inc. Nigga

(8x) How Many Wanna Die With Me
(Come on, come on Yo, yo)

1 - I'mma ride to the end of the road baby
This life will drive me crazy
Be gettin' high lately
On the real, will it overtake me?
Where the fuck my gangsta's at? (Yeah)
Where the fuck my bitches at? (Ahhh)

Never gon' see shit without the Lord, they say
What's a nigga to do but kneel down and pray
Lord, forgive me
They're lookin' down on shit
Sometimes I feel I need out this shit
Spin it 'round one time
Close my eyes, then click
Whats a dead man be
I deserve all this
World, get over me
Niggas hittin that jive from what it sound like
Shit, niggas hittin' at Rule, don't even sound right
Like, now you nigga that whipped black and open eyed
You're all welcome, niggas know you wanna live my life
May God help em'
Am I possessed by my sacrifice?
Bitches and ice got me lovin' hells paradise
You feelin me?

(2x)Repeat 1

My life is caught up in some other shit
But I do deal with it
If the blood's your heart, live it
Nigga, don't die big
Just because my souls
Trippin' outta control
Smashed up on the freeway
Its gotta be rough roads, give me leave-way
Cockin' back into low, murderers don't fold
Any action need to be shown?
There it goes, lots of ho's
Always strapped upon my foes
I keep niggas on they toes
Bitches know to get that dough
Niggas know to fuck them ho's
We that heat that can't be froze
We that burn that leaves you cold
We them guns that can't unload
We that platinum, not that gold
We them niggas, you just can't touch
We them niggas that just too much
Y'all don't wanna fuck with us
We them niggas, murderers

(2x) Repeat 1

2 - How many wanna die wit me? (7x)
(How many wanna die wit me, die wit me?)

Can't ya see these niggas wanna off my life
If you had your way, I would be dead on sight
What a shame, my pain, so now my love is high
Niggas hatin' on Ja, and shit aint even half this tight
Hey, you feelin' me?
Niggas who wanna get too close, I'm cut throat
I'm blown away, like bad coke
You ain't know
Ja Rule's the killa nigga
Aint the one to be fucked with
Fuck around, get dealt with
Cock slide and pull a clip, nigga
You fearin this?

(2x) Repeat 1
(2x) Repeat 2

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