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Rocket to My Heart Lyrics by Janz Paul


Rocket to My Heart by Janz Paul

Bless my soul
I can feel it knockin'
Rumble and roll
Take off like a rocket
Cause here comes my baby
She packs a punch like honey
Push my fuse to the limit
I loose it in a muinute
Rocket to my heart
This is life it's real big business
I don't know, I'd like to think about that
Innuendos, sugar kisses
My baby she's the real thing
I don't need no back seat of a rented car
Smooth moves, muscle on the boulevard
Don't give me no cruise ship in my front yard
Gimme love like a rocket
Rocket to my heart
Like the evening thunder
Early or late
I don't want no other
Cause what she's got
Becomes a mild addiction
And just like three and one and one is five
Rocket to my heart keep love alive
Do you believe in dreams and visions
I don't know, I should think about that
Words like candy secret missions
My baby she's the real thing
Here comes my baby
Her love is like a jewel of a thousand nights
She knows how to get the message to my soul
The point is that I don't believe she'll ever let go
Now pick it up, rock it, rumble it, roll it

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